Twin2Go in a nutshell

Twin2Go reviewed, consolidated, and synthesised research on integrated water resources management (IWRM) in basins around the world. Building on a selection of case studies from past and ongoing IWRM research projects, Twin2Go drew policy relevant research results on issues around ‘adaptive water governance in the context of climate change’ that are transferable to other basins. To ensure up-take of the research results in water resources management practice and political decision making, all synthesis activities involved stakeholders from the projects and basins and outcomes were effectively disseminated to all relevant levels of target groups including high level decision makers in water policy.

The consolidated outcomes led to the development of policy briefing papers and guidelines on adaptive water governance systems as well as on transfer and implementation of better water governance practices. All project outputs, publications and workshop reports are available from the download section of this website. The Twin2Go database on water goveranance systems in river basins can be accessed on line at gwsp logo


The Twin2Go project was endorsed by the Global Water System Project - GWSP.

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From applying panaceas to mastering complexity: Toward adaptive water governance in river basins

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Major results from Twin2Go's comparative analysis of water gorvernance regimes in 29 case studies have been recently published in the article 'From applying panaceas to mastering complexity: Toward...