Twin2Go’s overall approach is to increase the impact and benefit of ongoing research by synthesising consolidated results on adaptive water management and to make them transferable to other basins. In order to achieve its aims, Twin2Go will undertake the following activities:

  1. elaborate a diagnostic approach that allows comparative analysis and synthesis of past and on-going research project (Work Package 1)
  2. analyse and consolidate research results to draw appropriate context-sensitive approaches for improving adaptive water resources management (Work Package 2)
  3. formulate best practices and tools for the implementation of adaptive water resources management (Work Package 3)
  4. disseminate synthesis results and communicating in a dialogue with water management practitioners, stakeholders and political decision makers in a series of workshops (Work Package 4)

Furthermore, the Twin2Go approach includes involving stakeholders from the projects and basins in all steps of methodology elaboration, analysis and synthesis in order to ensure that the process reveals results that are meaningful for the development of water management strategies and water policies. To ensure up-take of research results into political decision making, effective dissemination activities will target high level decision makers. An advisory board consisting of international water organizations will further support this process.