The failure of governance systems has been identified as being one of the most important reasons for increased vulnerability to water related disasters. Successful governance in river basin management depends on adaptive institutions able to cope with complexity and uncertainty. The EU has established a significant portfolio of research projects on issues of integrated water resources management (IWRM). However, to accelerate the pace at which water management practices and water policy move towards integrated approaches, more importance needs to be given to effective communication of research results and to constructive engagement with stakeholders from all levels, including political decision makers.

Against this background,

Twin2Go’s objectives are:

  • to review, compare, synthesize and consolidate the outcomes of several EU-funded projects that undertook research on specific IWRM issues in basins around the world
  • to draw context-sensitive but transferable approaches for improving adaptive water resources management with regards to adaptive water governance
  • to formulate policy-relevant best practices and tools for implementing adaptive water governance and for improving the uptake of research results
  • to disseminate outcomes effectively to relevant stakeholders at the policy level.