Water governance database and Twin2Go newsletter now on-line

Twin2Go has just published the fourth and last issue of its newsletter "Synthesising research for adaptive water governance". It provides a summary of Twin2Go’s main policy lessons around adaptive water governance in the context of climate change and highlights recommendations regarding the implementation and transfer of water governance practices across basins. The newsletter further gives an overview of the Twin2Go’s main outputs and publications. You can download it from this website here.

We are also happy to announce the Twin2Go online database! The database provides systematic access to the data on 29 water governance systems in river basins collected within Twin2Go. The aim is to continue Twin2Go’s research beyond the project’s end by including additional case studies. This growing pool of data will give project partners the opportunity to continue and enhance the comparative study of water governance systems started in Twin2Go. You can access the database through this website here and on www.watergovernance.uos.de. If you are interested in collaboration and consider adding a new case study, please contact the database team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it