Study Basins

By clustering past and ongoing projects, Twin2Go was able to comparatively analyse a considerable number of basins. This allowed context specific generalizations on appropriate approaches for adaptive water governance, which would not be possible with just the small number of cases each of the twinning river projects could study.

In the course of Twin2Go, case study basins have been selected for the comparative analysis. These basins are indicated on the map below. Fact sheets for the basins can be accessed by clicking on the respective basin name in the list below. More detailed documentation for each case study basin, including questionnaires collected during Twin2Go, are available in the Download Section of this website.

These case studies have further been used to develop protocols and initial entries for a global database. This database, which is available here, will support broader comparisons, further sharing of management practices in the future and the identification of major knowledge gaps and research needs.


alt CABRI-Volga
Volga (Russia)

Amu Darya (Uzbekistan)
Elbe (Germany)
Guadiana (Spain)
Rhine (Netherlands)
Tisza (Hungary)

Upper Brahmaputra (Nepal, Bhutan, India)

alt ASEM WaterNet
Bang Pakong (Thailand)
Red River (Vietnam)

alt WetWin
Guayas (Ecuador)
(Inner Niger Delta) (Mali)
Kyoga (Uganda)
(South Africa)
Orange (South Africa)

alt TwinBas
Biobio (Chile)
Nura (Kazakhstan)
Okavango (Namibia)
Thames (United Kingdom)

alt TwinLatin
Baker (Chile)
Catamayo-Chira (Peru, Ecuador)
Cocibolca (Nicaragua)
Cuareim (Uruguay)
Norrström (Sweden)
Paute (Ecuador)
Upper Cauca