Developing the Twin2Go analytical framework

The first step of Twin2Go was to elaborate a diagnostic approach that allows comparative analysis and synthesis of past and on-going research projects. In an interactive three-day workshop that took place in Osnabrück on 2-4 December 2009, Twin2Go project partners discussed the methodological approach. An analytical framework was developed that allows for the evaluation of all important attributes of adaptive water management and governance in the context of climate change. Considering the high variety of projects as well as differences in data availability, the methodological approach strikes a balance between comprehensiveness and simplicity and centers around:

  • characteristics of the water governance regime (e.g. formal and informal institutions, decision making procedures, levels and procedures of participation, cooperation, and information sharing, etc.);
  • the societal and environmental context in which water governance takes place; and
  • performance of water resources management with regards to its stated goals, good governance and climate change.

The Twin2Go analytical framework will be applied to the analysis of about 20 case study basins in 2010. For more information on the workshop and development of the analytical framework see the pages on Work Package 1.