Work Package 1

Elaborating a diagnostic approach for scaling-up project results

  • to review the methodological frameworks for comparative analysis of water management and governance regimes across the set of projects
  • to elaborate an adapted methodology for scaling up the results of different projects with emphasis on adaptive water management, adaptive governance and adaptation to climate change.

A key element for scaling up the results of the different projects is to elaborate a comprehensive methodological framework that allows evaluating all important attributes of adaptive water management and adaptive governance in the context of the impacts of and adaptation to climate change. Considering the high variety of projects at scope, the work package aims at building a methodological basis for addressing the twin challenge of scaling up the projects’ results in terms of multiplying them on a large scale and learning about scaling up by immediate interaction with the projects and their key stakeholders.

An important basis for the methodology will be the methods and conceptual frameworks currently applied in the various projects. The review of different methodological approaches does not only provide a basis for a synthesis towards an adaptive analysis approach, but also provides a framework for mapping and classifying best practices to be disseminated. Further development of the methodological framework took place in an interactive three-day workshop in December 2009.


Work Package outputs are available for download here