Upcoming Synthesis Workshop to follow up results of the Case Study Review Workshops

Between March and June 2010, Twin2Go hosted six case study review workshops that collected water governance data in the context of climate change. Experts provided data for 25 case studies from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The six workshops brought together an international mix of more than 120 scientists, representatives from government, river basin organizations, business, civil society, and non-governmental organizations, as well as Twin2Go team members.

The results of the case study review workshops will be analysed over the summer, and form the basis of a synthesis workshop, held 1-3 September in Stockholm. This synthesis forms a crucial step in the project, as it aims to test hypotheses about adaptive water governance, to detect patterns, and to identify key factors for good water governance performance in a given context. The synthesis workshop will be attended by Twin2Go project staff, members of the advisory board, and external experts in adaptive governance research.

For more information on the Twin2Go workshops please refer to the Workshops section of this website.