Twin2Go: beyond the Synthesis Workshop

External experts and project partners came together during the Synthesis Workshop - held 1-2 September at the Stockholm Resilience Centre - to review preliminary results and discuss the upcoming series of best-practice and policy workshops. Experts from the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP), from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam, and from the Global Water System Project, among others, appreciated Twin2Go’s combination of statistical and qualitative analysis. Water experts, policy-makers as well as practitioners play an important role in Twin2Go, and will provide feedback and advice on project outcomes.

Following the Synthesis Workshop on September 1-2, the 3rd Twin2Go consortium meeting took place in Stockholm on September 3. The goal of this meeting was to plan and coordinate activities of the Twin2Go project, focusing on finalising the analysis of the 29 case studies and the preparation of WP3 activities, which address best-practices and tools. These recommendations will build on the case study data collected so far as well as on a series of four Regional Best-Practice Workshops that will take place in January 2011. The inventory of best-practices and tools will have three foci:

  • application of existing national frameworks in river basins
  • coordination and forms of engagement with stakeholders, and
  • enabling learning and building adaptive capacity in water management.

After the formulation of best-practices and tools, a series of Policy Workshops will be organised as side events of relevant water conferences to disseminate findings from the project. These workshops are planned to take place from May to August 2011 and address mainly policy makers at the national level.

For more information on the Twin2Go workshops please refer to the Workshops section of this website.