Adapting to Climate Change - Twin2Go Workshop at the Singapore International Water Week

The second in the series of Twin2Go policy workshops will take place on 4 July, at the Singapore International Water Week. The interactive workshop is titled “Adapting to climate change – policy insights and best practices for adaptive water governance”, and will focus on those elements of water governance systems that help cope with complexity and uncertainty in the context of climate change.

In this second of four policy workshops, Dr Louis Lebel from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, will present Twin2Go’s main outcomes and results. In a panel discussion, policy and decision makers from South and South East Asia will share experiences and discuss the extent to which different approaches are transferable across countries and basins.

Speakers from the Department of Water Resources in Thailand, and Assam, India; the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat in Nepal; and the Centre of Sustainable Water Resources Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in Vietnam will engage with the audience in discussing policies and programmes that can support the transition towards a more adaptive water governance.

For further details on the workshop date and location please see the Policy Workshop section of this website.