Policy Workshops

A key target of Twin2Go was the up-take of research results by policy makers. Twin2Go generated important lessons learnt that are applicable at this level. In order to ensure effective dissemination to, and impact at, the policy level, a series of dialogue workshops was organised, relevant to the Twin2Go targeted regions.

During these policy workshops, Twin2Go shared the most recent project results and discussed best practices and lessons learnt. Discussion topics will address the transferability of adaptive water management approaches across different basins, as well as ways to include adaptive water governance into existing policy processes.

In order to ensure a high level of participation and to reach a broad base of decisions makers and practitioners, including high-level policy makers, the workshops were organised as side events of the following relevant water conferences.

A summary report on the workshops can be downloaded here.

  • 9th Global Water Partnership - Southern Africa (GWP-SA): Consulting Partner's Meeting. 13-14 September 2011, Gauteng, South Africa.

    Twin2Go Africa Policy workshop, 14 September, 11:30-16:00h

    The Twin2Go Africa Policy workshop was organised in partnership with GWP-SA. This allowed to receive feedback on Twin2Go policy lessons and recommendations from GWP-SA, Consulting Partners, River Basin Organisations, and government representatives from Southern Africa and beyond.
    The Twin2Go presentations held at the workshop are available here.