Regional Best Practice Workshops

Although the IWRM concept has a history reaching back several decades, it still faces difficulties in its transfer from theory into practice. One of Twin2Go’s final objective is therefore to identify and formulate best practices and innovative tools for bridging the science policy gap and implementing adaptive water governance. People are the driving forces behind realisation of the transition from present water resources management practices to more adaptive water management strategies.
Twin2Go has therefore organised the following Regional Best Practice Workshops in order to share practical insights for transitions towards more adaptive and participatory IWRM among stakeholders groups in case study basins and broader water management communities in the targeted regions:

Latin America
9-10 December 2010 in Lima, Peru

South-East Asia
17-19 January 2011 in Guwahati, India

31 January-02 February 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa


15-17 January 2011 in Berlin, Germany

The goals of the regional workshops were to:

  • Review and synthesise innovative best practices and tools in the implementation of adaptive water governance and participatory integrated water resources management.
  • Exchange experiences and lessons learned about the transfer and adaptation of best practices and tools across river basins and countries.
  • Develop a diologue on major challenges, opportunities, and constrains in the application of best practices and tools for authorities, stakeholders, and end-users in the respective regions; also to identify regional interests, needs, and capacities in implementing innovative practices in adaptive water governance.

Further details on the Regional Best Practice Workshops are available from the report on the workshops as well as from the Work Package 3 page of this web site.