Synthesis Workshop

Following the case study review workshops that took place between March and June, a synthesis workshop took place on 1-3 September 2010 in Stockholm. During the workshop, results of the basin reviews were discussed in a cross-basin comparison. The synthesis is a crucial step in the project, as it aims to test hypotheses about adaptive water governance, to detect patterns, and to identify key factors for good water governance performance in a given context. Twin2Go project members developed a methodology intended to support the comparison between the ongoing projects and/or river basins, and synthesise lessons. This synthesis methodology consists of a range of techniques for hypothesis testing and pattern searching, including visual and statistical methods.

The synthesis workshop was attended by Twin2Go project staff, members of the advisory board, and external experts in adaptive governance research.

Consolidated results will feed into a synthesis report describing how adaptive water governance in the context of climate change can be included in sustainable water resources management plans and programmes. Before dissemination the report will be discussed with the Twin2Go advisory board for policy relevance. Lessons learnt and best practices that can be identified will be validated with stakeholders and disseminated throughout future project activities.

For additional information please see the Work Package 2 page on this website.