Work Package 3

Formulating best practices and tools

  • to develop a dialogue on possibilities and constraints for the up-take of knowledge and best practices with authorities, stakeholders and end-users
  • to enhance the uptake of research results on IWRM in decision-making and practice
  • to formulate best practice guidelines and tools for knowledge transfer and implementation of adaptive water governance

Building on work packages 1 and 2, this work package undertakes a review of best practices and tools in adaptive and participatory water management identified by the twinning projects. Implementation of adaptive and participatory water resources management in the river basins of the targeted regions and the up-take of research results into every-day management will, however, not be achieved by direct transfer of best practices and tools across river basins. Building capacities and enhancing local awareness, along with coordination with the relevant authorities, major stakeholder groups and end-users is essential. To identify their priority goals, interests and needs interactive dialogue with regional stakeholders will be maintained throughout work package 3. This will allow taking into account specific socio-economic and institutional contexts and thus facilitate effective transfer of knowledge and best practice.

Experience exchange between experts from twinning projects and authorities, stakeholders and end-users in the targeted regions (Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, and Russia/New Independent States) will be organised in regional Best Practice Workshops. These workshops will discuss possibilities and constraints for knowledge transfer and implementation of best practices.


The results of the analyses and synthesis will be available for download here:

Please visit the Workshops section for more information about the regional best practice workshops.