Case Study Review Workshops

Comparative analyses of the water management regimes in river basins around the world provide an excellent opportunity to gain new insights into adaptive governance and to initiate a fruitful dialogue for mutual learning. Twin2Go therefore aims to review progress in adaptive water governance in the case study basins of the participating (twinning) projects—over six participatory Case Study Review Workshops. This will be the basis for further Twin2Go assessment, synthesis and consolidation activities.

During the review workshops case study experts, stakeholders and Twin2Go team members will jointly analyse the current status of adaptive governance in more than 20 case study basins, according to the methodological framework developed in Work Package 1. Aspects such as the natural and social context of the different case study basins and the current governance regime will be analysed, and system performance will be evaluated and described by means of a selected set of indicators.

For this exercise, case study river basins from past and ongoing twinning projects are clustered according to the Twin2Go target regions (Europe/Russia and NIS, Africa, Asia and Latin America). National experts, basin managers, stakeholders and lead participants from the projects will be invited to the regional Case Study Review Workshops.

A preliminary list of workshop dates and places can be downloaded here .

Further information on the six review workshops will be made available on this site soon.